When I first trekked kumara parvatha, western ghats in november, 2015. I couldnt complete the trek because of lack of time. From that very moment I always had the urge to reach the final peak. So trekked again on may, 2016 and this time managed to reach the peak.

The trek was really amazing. You trek 14kms for this amazing view and the weather put their is breath taking. When you get to see  how beautiful our western ghats is, you forget all the dizziness and worries in life. Your mind just says it was worth all the sweat and effort you took to cross the seven hills and reach the peak.

As we trekked in may. The rains had already hit the western ghats. At night there was heavy rain with thunder and lightning. There was a co-trekker who was down trekking when it rained. He took his cell phone out to click images of  lighting hitting the surrounding peaks. But his bad, he got hit by lightning and he died. Guys your life has more value than an amazing picture. Dont do stupid acts which will cost your life.

Below are few pictures which replicate the beauty of kumara parvatha. I must say that the weather made the trek even more beautiful.


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